MINA INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY AND TRADE COMPANY LIMITED as; so far our organization, in the light of past reference of our professional team, the construction of infrastructure and superstructure works in the rail line work in industrial maintenance workshops, social facilities and sports complexes, residential and business centers, natural gas, water, sanitation-telecommunications infrastructure works, building a natural gas conversion systems and industrial transformation systems in the main, as well as the task of getting the contractor, construction, engineering services and offer services as a successful business checking.

Our company from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority has received a Certificate for Construction Services operates in the construction and mechanical fields.

MINA the industry, we know the importance of our mission and constantly renewing our goals, we continue to work without compromising quality. The same determination, hard-working and dynamic structure preserving our first day as we aim to sign under the new success.

Our company to meet our current potential level in the effort to create new job opportunities will be proud to serve your esteemed organization produces.


Within the framework of customer-focused approach to service customer needs, demands and expectations of work to meet literally, high quality, continuous and reliable service.
Engineering until commissioning the design, MINA complies with all quality management requirements. Passed through continuous review of business processes, the implementation plans, procedures, specifications and business are included in the design guidelines and current best practices.


High quality and in our sector in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction we are in an effort to be a leader. In this context, completed and ongoing every detail in engineering projects is constantly questioned and re-examined and better and continuously explore innovative engineering solutions for more effective results and improved.